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5 Αυγούστου, 2008 at 11:48 μμ 3 Σχόλια

I’ve changed my blog’s theme as you can see (if you read this via an RSS reader click for the normal page). I’ve switched from «The Journalist», a very, very good theme – minimalistic to «Blix». Blix is colorfull as well as has a very nice layout and design, supports Archives(*) and Contact form and has a built-in search form.

*=Having some issues with Blix’ Archives Page. It doesn’t seem to show anything. Although Contact Page-Form works fine :-S weird. I’m trying and searching for a solution as well as send a Support mail to WordPress. If you have any idea, please don’t hesitate to comment. Will update this post when I find a solution or something.

Update: About the «Archives» page problem, Nick from the Support team told me «The file in the theme was not actually an Archive Template page it was the archives file that controls things like /2008/ and category views on your blog. So the file had some incorrect code in it that made it look like it should be available as a Page Template. The Blix theme actually doesn’t have an Archive Page Template. The option should no longer appear.»So I’ve deleted the page and I’m with About and Contact now. No problem, at least they work fine. 🙂

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How do you use Twitter? 404, Sorry Page not found…

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