WordPress Javascript Hack

Ιουλίου 3, 2008 at 5:43 μμ 3 Σχόλια

It’s common knowledge that WordPress doesn’t allow to run Javascript code in wordpress.com-hosted blogs. That means we cannot insert our activity from Twitter, Google Reader, Friendfeed, Flickr via their widgets or API, nor insert other widgets.

But I’ve found a way to bypass this restriction. It’s very easy and you don’t need to know any special commands like before. The main idea is that almost every Web 2.0 site has on every page RSS feeds and WordPress has a widget called «RSS», in which you import RSS feeds in your blog’s sidebar. You got the point, right? 🙂

So, you go at your blog’s Dashboard, then at the Design section and finally at the Widgets sub-category. Now, click «Add» which is next to the «RSS» widget and it will appear in your sidebar. You can edit it now. Click «Edit» and then just write the RSS URL in the «Enter the RSS feed URL here:» form and below that, the name you want your feed to have. For example, «my recent Tweets» or «my Shared items».

You can have as many as you want RSS widgets in your sidebar but this can potentially increase the load time of your blog. By the way some sites (i.e. Twitter) are a bit laggy to send you your feed with the latest post, but don’t worry it ain’t so much big problem.

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Identi.ca Wi-Fi «Hack»

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  • 1. cortlinux  |  Ιουλίου 7, 2008 στο 1:25 πμ

    Μόλις μεταφέρθηκα στο wordpress και με έσωσες μικρούλη :-). Έψαχνα αυτό ακριβώς

  • 2. Sakib  |  Ιουλίου 9, 2008 στο 3:35 μμ

    informative posts.

    can you pls send me an invitation from http://toluu.com/?

  • 3. unseen  |  Ιουλίου 14, 2008 στο 10:22 μμ

    @sakib i’m in austria atm as soon as i’m back in greece i’ll send you one! 🙂



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