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Ιουλίου 2, 2008 at 1:57 μμ 1 Σχολιο

Most bloggers and not only them, use lots of Web 2.0 services and apps like Twitter, Google Reader, Friendfeed and the list goes on. It’s natural to want to promote them via links in their blog sidebar and/or about page next or close to RSS buttons.

Usually, they use «Follow me on Twitter», «Add me at» etc., which they link to their account at each service. I don’t like beeing with the mass, despite I used this way to promote my Web 2.0 social life. So, yesterday night circa midnight I came up with this idea, «Why not use the Friendfeed-style for promoting my web social life?».

It’s very very easy to do it actually. You should know only a snippet of HTML, the hyperlink anchor, and how to describe the text/image inside it. If you don’t know you can see it below and learn how to use it.

Firstly you need to get your Web app’s favicons. A favicon is the small 16×16 picture you see left of the page’s title at your browser. To grab it from a site and use it simply type the URL of the site i.e. and then type /favicon.ico, so it becomes After you have done it for all the sites you need open your preferred text and start writing the HTML code you will use at your sidebar or wherever you will place your «Friend me Up» stuff.

So, you grabbed all the favicons you need and opened your text editor. Let’s start writing!

<a title="Here desribe your site i.e. Follow me @ Twitter" href="Here insert the link of your profile, including http://"> <img src="Here insert the favicon's URL including http://"></a>

The things you need to change are inside the » «. Do not remove the » «. The result of this snippet,

<a title="Follow me @ Twitter" href=""> <img src=""></a>

is to display . Because Twitter is some times laggy and doesn’t display APIs, favicons etc., I used the favicon which Friendfeed has for Twitter. It’s the same icon with different URL. Because Friendfeed and Profilactic have stable (at least more stable from Twitter) servers you can grab directly from there your favicons. It’s not a bad idea at all.

Which way do you prefer? Friendfeed-style or Text-style?
If you have any suggestions, questions or anything else regard with this post feel free to comment below.

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