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As a fan and user of Ubuntu and WordPress I joined Launchpad to help translate these two huge projects in Greek with many other people.

But what exactly Launchpad is? Launchpad is a community of people, in which everyone can join free and participate to help translate various Open Source projects (such like Ubuntu, WordPress, AWN, mySQL) and many many others. Launchpad also helps people to track bugs at various projects as mentioned above.

Launchpad’s 6 main goals are, firstly to register any possible Open Source project from you to encourage community collaboration, secondly to publish your code so other people will merge it to other suitable projects, thirdly to share any known bugs, fourthly to track blueprints for approval and implementation to other projects, fifthly to translate and localize available projects in your favorite language and lastly to ask questions about software.

You don’t need to have a WordPress blog or a Ubuntu install on your PC to participate and help translate, report bugs etc.

I am now starting with Launchpad, but I promise to help translate (at least) as much of Ubuntu, Ubuntu Packages, *buntu OSes like Edubuntu, Kubuntu, WordPress, AWN, mySQL, Wubi and many other projects which I like.

You can find more about Launchpad with their Tour.

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