How to: Nintendo DS WiFi

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First of all it’s my first post in English and I’m thinking that I could actually post from now on, often in English on interesting topics because not every one knows Greek. So, let’s get started! How to connect your Nintendo DS Light with your WiFi connection you have in your home or a hotspot. It’s pretty easy actually. But, you need to have a game which supports WiFi connectivity, like for example Mario Kart DS *this How To, is made with Mario Kart DS*

Before we start, you need to know your WiFi network’s settings, i.e if you have WEP key, or MAC address enabled, or DHCP. I’ll cover all of these three aspects and possibilities so don’t worry. Personally, in our home’s WiFi we have MAC addresses enabled.

After you know your settings, turn on your Nintendo DS. Select your WiFi supported game (I have Mario Kart DS) and start it from the main menu. Go with your stylus in your game’s WiFi multiplayer section -Nintendo WFC for Mario Kart- and select Settings. You will see a screen then not from your game’s menu but «Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection Setup» with two big rectangles, one blue which says «Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection Settings» and right from it an orange which says «Options».

If you have MAC addresses enabled select Options and then System Information. Click it and you will see your Nintendo’s MAC address. Write it somewhere down, and then open in your PC’s browser your network router and add this MAC address to your «Allowed» list. Nintendo’s MAC address is in a form of 00-18-FC-45-K0-S2 (not real MAC address) but you should write it in your Router’s list as 00:18:FC:45:K0:S2. This How to doesn’t cover the Routers section – which means how you add a device and so on.

After you added your Nintendo DS in your «Allowed» list select the blue rectangle «Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection Setup». Click it and you will see three boxes -Connection 1, Connection 2, Connection 3- and a box which says something about USB connectivity. Anyway, click the Connection 1 box and you will see the Wi-Fi settings of your Nintendo’s. Likely it will see your network but will not connect to it, so probably you will see your networks name in the SSID section. If it’s wrong edit it and correct it. Below SSID there is the WEP Key. If you have WEP Key enabled in your network, click Edit and enter your WEP.

Now, if you have DHCP enabled then select «Yes» in the Auto-obtain IP address section. If not, enter your desired IP address, Subnet mask (most likely and Gateway. Then if you have a Primary DNS enter it below or otherwise click «Yes» to auto-obtain one.

And you are ready! Click Test Connection on the upper right section to see if everything works and if yes, then you are ready to go Wireless. Also there is an Opera Browser for Nintendo DS which costs about $30.

Tip: If you want to play to a hotspot most likely they have DCHP enabled and not any serious protection like WEPs, MACs etc. But before you do anything ask them their settings and what do you need to do in order to go Wireless. This How To covers how to adjust your DS to your home’s WiFi which you may have protected it as mention before. If you are playing Mario Kart DS and specially multiplayer-WFC (Nintendo WiFi Connection) don’t hesitate to mail me your Friend code which can be obtained from the WFC Main menu to be friends to: unseend [AT] gmail [DOT] com to become friends :mrgreen:

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  • 2. Nsidibe  |  30 Δεκεμβρίου, 2008 στο 10:28 μμ

    I dont have router and USB and how can i use wifi.and where can i get painting so that i can see wifi main-menu on the lower right corner?

  • 3. Nsidibe  |  30 Δεκεμβρίου, 2008 στο 10:37 μμ

    I want to a cyber and i tap search for access point and i see a blue icon which say defluelt but can not connect

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